all will come to you faster and faster until your creativity flows in rivers

Berlin 2014, REH-transformer project space.
By entering the exhibition space, the visitor dives into a cosmos of nearly endless creativity and is lead to discover an artist, who transforms the „REH-transformer space“ into a playful planet. Eva Mitala’s cosmologic show features works produced the last two years in Athens and Berlin. Over 100 paintings with images of planets, skyscrapers, pyramides, octaeders are organically combined with snake-, cat-, brain-, dance- and childhood-pictures. Architectonic structures and symbolic elements of black and white are penetrated and entwined by poetic images and a part time appearance of the shiny and energetic color pink. For her pink is punk. It is her punk attitude, her struggling for humanity in everyday life in order to reach more freedom in a systematized and domesticated world full of bureaucracy. The childhood references in Mitala’s universe could metaphorical stand for the memory of the birth of philosophy, the Greek philosophy. A consciousness that is getting lost by civilized urban construction in our contemporary world. But back to nature is not her way, because Eva Mitala has a visionary ambition: to disturb structures which suppress the natural human energy and sensitivity in our modern life.
In her futuristic paintings and installations, the division of nature and culture is obsolete. Nature is us, and everything that surrounds us. Nature becomes subject and material at the same time. In her approach to transformed materials and images, their origins and interactions, the artist abandons distinctions between synthetic and organic, man-made and natural. She presents a nature that impacts beyond its sensory manifestations. A nature whose varied interactions undermine our notions of space and time. Eva Mitala also works with experimental silkscreen techniques, that discovers in her studio, translating the defaults and irregularities of the process into a punk aesthetic. Develops readymades and furniture-design comprising woodworking, painting, silkscreen and spray lacquer commenting on the social and cultural illusions of contemporary art history. The utilitarian objects are a significant part of her artwork, like for example her furniture and her unique  silkscreen printed T-shirts, which transport her message through everyday life.
To give, to share and to collaborate is her concept in which she includes communication as a main part of her artwork itself. This correlates with her ambition of absorbing the flowing creativity while thinking of eternity.
Her process of including the creativity of others begins at the opening. Day by day she will add another artwork of an invited artist until the space will at the end of the exhibition be covered inside all over with artworks…
Text: Markus Kettel