Eva Mitala was born in Athens.
Lives and works between Athens and San Francisco. 

Diploma of Fine Arts 2000-2005 (MFA) Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)

In 2006 participated in an exchange program with Cuba, researching the Yoruba tradition. 


Works showed in solo shows in:



Pototokyo 2008, Muramatsu gallery

“…” 2012, Nroom gallery



All will come to you faster and faster until your creativity flows in rivers 2014, REH‐transformer


Athens, Greece  

Street Spins 2015 curated by Dimitrios Antonitsis, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center

Floating Within 2018, text Marita Tatari, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center

Atelier Portable 2021, curated by Efie Falida, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center



San Francisco 

Float 2019, The Luggage Store Gallery

I am who I am. Blackrap 2024, The Luggage Store Gallery


In group shows in:





That Which Was Is Now No More 2023, Ileana Tounta, Contemporary Art Center, Athens

MOMAFAD 2021 EMST, Museum of Contemporary Art – Athens

All Together Now 2020, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center

Quarantine Exhibition 2020, space52, Athens 

20 Forever 2019, Hydra School Projects, Hydra

Forthcoming 2018, space52, Athens 

Victoria Square Project, documenta14 2017, Athens  

Integral I 2017,Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center

Mimicry 2014, curated by Dimitrios Antonitsis, Costa Navarino -Engaging art

Dialogues ReMap4 2013, Athens

The Cabinet ReMap4 2013, Athens

The red and white flag project 2013, parallel program Bienalle4, Thessaloniki

Exercises on Democracy 2013, curated by Nicos Charalambidis, Open Case 303, Athens

(O)ikea 2012, Hydra School Projects, Hydra

Hosted in Athens 2012, curated by Daily Lazy Projects, Athens

The Cutting Edge 2011, Hydra School Projects, curated by Dimitrios Antonitsis, Melina Merkouri Space, Hydra

The New Disorder 2011, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center

Bargain Prices on Elephant Gun 2008, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center 

Emergency Room 2007, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center



Geisai #12 2009, Geisai#13 2009, Geisai#14 2010, NewDay Geisai 2011, Geisai#17 2012 

the annual artfair organized by Takashi Murakami in Tokyo 

Hope-Kibou 2011, Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo 

Colors 2009, Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Tokyo 

Illustrators 2010, Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Tokyo 

Chips 2012, Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Tokyo 

The Latvian Group 2011, Capsula 2012 Nroom gallery, Tokyo 

Duality 2017 Sumiyoshibashi gallery, Osaka



Berlin Art Show 2009, Marzia Frozen, Berlin 

Space Invaders 2012 Marzia Frozen, Frei Berlin 

Map 2013 Tokyo Wonder Site, Bethanien, Berlin

ACSA with Carsten Nicolai 2014 Autocenter, Berlin  

Japanese Whispers, REH‐transformer, Berlin

The Kennedy Bunker, REH‐transformer, Berlin

WEWHO 2014, REH‐transformer, Berlin

B(l)ooming 2016, REH‐transformer, Berlin



Emergency Room 2008 Taiss gallery, Paris

Splash of Mayhem 2021, Solarium, Marseille



Vafa, International Video Art Festival 2011  AFA Macau, Macao



I fought the X and the X won 2011, The Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta



Lumen_X 2011, Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporàneo MEIAC, Bandajoz



Personal Stories 2007, ArtVo Gallery, Sibiu, Romania

I fought the X 2010,  National Museum of Arts, Cluj Napoca

Cutting Edge I 2011, National Museum of Arts, Cluj Napoca

Cutting Edge III – on the sublimation of landscape 2016 National Museum of Arts, Cluj Napoca



Circus Crew 2012, Larm gallery, Copenhagen



Imago Mundi 2015 Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice

Emergency Room Napoli 2008 PAN, Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, Naples

MOMAFAD, CITYX Venice Italian Virtual Pavilion of the 17th Venice Biennale of Architecture



Queer Intimacy and States of Emotion 2019, Human Resources, LA

Secret Ceremony 2019 Human Resources, LA

Cuesta Drive Salon 2023, curated by Katerina Nikou, LA

Shed Light 2024, Yucci Outlet, SF